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The virtual assistant Bürokratt

The virtual assistant Bürokratt is an interoperable network of chatbots on the websites of public authorities that allows people to obtain information from these authorities through a chat window. It provides individuals, or users, with the opportunity to access direct public and information services using virtual assistants.

What is Bürokratt?

Watch the video and find out how Bürokratt can make your life better. We are striving to establish a future where you can communicate with the state through a single channel, at a time convenient for you.

What else should you know about Bürokratt?

Check out the materials below and find out more about the development and vision of Bürokratt.

Joining Bürokratt

Technical requirements for joining Bürokratt.

Courses and analyses

Discover the world of data and AI through training. We commission around ten trainings each year and publish their recordings on an ongoing basis together with all the supplementary materials.

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