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Introduction to Bürokratt

What is Bürokratt?

Bürokratt is an interoperable network of chatbots on the websites of public authorities that allows people to obtain information from these authorities through a chat window. In 2023 the weather service will be extended to include the ability to access some simpler services. To enhance the value Bürokratt provides to individuals and officials, the expansion of the Bürokratt network in the form of joining institutions is of paramount importance.

Why should an institution implement Bürokratt?

Training Bürokratt to respond to the institution’s frequently asked questions is a simple task. In the near future, Bürokratt will also start offering various services, allowing people to receive prompt answers to their questions 24/7. This will enable customer service agents to focus on more substantive and complex enquiries.

From an institution’s point of view, what are the current capabilities of Bürokratt?

Bürokratt currently comprises three backend modules: administration, chat and training modules.

                             -the administration module enables the addition of new users and the assignment of roles to them. Additionally, this module provides the option to set the length of users’ sessions, determine the estimated customer waiting time, formulate the chatbot’s welcome message and turn the chatbot’s functionality on/off. Access to this module is granted to users assigned the role of Administrator in Bürokratt, who also have access to all other modules.

                              - the chat module is where chats are displayed, which are redirected to customer service agents because Bürokratt cannot answer them. During the conversation, the advisor has the opportunity to request the contact details of the person or authenticate them. The chat module history also displays the chats conducted and completed by Bürokratt itself. This module can be accessed by users who have been assigned the role of Advisor, Administrator or Service Manager.

                                - the training module displays completed chats and their content. Messages can be selected from chats to be included in the training data. In this module, it is possible to create new topics as well as the questions and answers related to these topics and add them to the model. At present, the Bürokratt chat operates in a simple question/answer format. In the first half of 2023 Bürokratt’s capability to engage in more complex conversations will be further developed. The training module can be accessed by users who have been assigned the role of Chatbot Trainer, Advisor or Administrator.









Treeningliides 2.png

The table below shows user roles and access rights in the Bürokratt backend system:

Bürokratt online course by Digital State Academy

The first online course on Bürokratt (on Estonian language only) was completed in May 2023. The first course provides a general introduction to the world of virtual assistants, including Bürokratt. The course is open to anyone who is interested in the topic and wants to learn more. It takes about 60 minutes to complete the course.

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