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Tere tulemast krattide kodulehele!_ Kratt on tehisintellekti süsteem ja põhineb tarkvarali

the e-governance technologies of Estonia

Find out how Estonia is using data and artificial intelligence to empower its digital government.

Estonia is digitally powerful thanks to data-driven solutions and passionate work.

Data is the engine of digital development. The state generates improved solutions through the synergy of data and artificial intelligence. This website contains different materials that offer a comprehensive overview of all things related to data and artificial intelligence in the public sector of Estonia.

Key areas

Learn more about data and the activities of the Bürokratt team by area. Click on a topic of interest and explore the corresponding vision, guidelines, training and services of the area.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a system based on an autonomous software algorithm capable of learning. Learn more about the AI projects implemented in the public sector of Estonia.

Data plays an increasingly important role in today’s society. Data is used to make (management) decisions, offer novel and effective services and improve people’s lives.

Bürokratt is an interoperable network of chatbots on the websites of public authorities that allows people to obtain information from these authorities through a chat window using everyday language.

Upcoming events

We organise, on a regular basis, data and AI focused events which are open to anyone interested in learning more about the projects implemented in Estonia. The majority of our events take place online, but a few times a year we also host larger in-person events.


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Developments and Potential in Open Data
Open data has become a global movement and gained momentum around the world with both governments and private sector organisations recognizing the value of making data more accessible and usable.
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Business decisions behind Bürokratt’s technical
The scope of this article is to give a higher, business-level overview mostly for anyone interested in using their own stack instead of Bürokratt’s default one.
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Bürokratt Network to apply once-only principle on gov e-services
When we talk about gov e-services, Estonia has been a pioneer in it for more than 20 years. This success is largely based on X-road, allowing participants to securely exchange sensitive data.
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