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AI systems development

The AI-related training videos available on this page provide participants with an overview and knowledge on how to develop an AI project. The training videos are primarily designed for AI project managers. The list of training videos is updated regularly.

Workshop on developing AI solutions

This workshop focuses on the experience gained from machine learning projects, on the basis of which it is good to draw conclusions and learn lessons for future projects. In addition, a practical part is also embedded in the workshop, during which new knowledge can be embedded. The aim of the workshop was to give examples of previous AI projects and solve problems in an interactive way.

Instructor: Tiit Sepp

Recorded on: 11.01.2022

AI implementation: workshop 1

AI is an increasingly popular field of technology that can increase the added values created by companies and add efficiency to the flow of work processes in the public sector. Of AI technologies, the machine learning method, in which the system is able to solve certain tasks by learning from the data, without the solution algorithm being programmed into the system, deserves the most attention. 

Instructors: Tiit Sepp, Dage Särg

Recorded on: 25.01.2022

AI implementation: workshop 2

First, topics covered during the first session will be briefly explained again. Next, the preparation of data and use of data in machine learning projects will be continued in more detail. Since data is key in such projects, the training was not limited to sharing theory and experience, the participants actually had a real opportunity to experiment with data.

Instructors: Anna Laaneväli, Dage Särg

Recorded on: 14.02.2022

Simple and comprehensive overview of language technology

The aim of the training session is to introduce language technology and its application possibilities. The instructor explains what language technology is (speech recognition and synthesis, dialogue systems and text analysis tools) and shows what solutions are available and how they can be exploited, for example in order to improve accessibility. The instructor also talks about what kind of data language technology projects need and what can be expected from language technology in the future.

Instructor: Helen Kaljumäe

Recorded on: 14.12.2021

Automatic information retrieval from Estonian texts

The training session focuses on the automatic information retrieval from texts in the Estonian language. The participants could learn about the existing tools, their application possibilities and the characteristics of the Estonian language from the point of view of automatic language processing. The training was designed for project managers. The second session of the training covers, among other things, text segmentation, recognition of time and name entities, creation of lexicons and text lemmatization using the EstNLTK tools.

Instructor: Dage Särg

Recorded on: 08.10.2020, 27.10.2020

AI-friendly software development

The aim of the training session is to give an understanding of how a machine learning project should be set up, how it differs from traditional software development projects, and what are the prerequisites for the project to be implemented as efficiently as possible and with a high probability of success.

Instructor: Markus Lippus

Recorded on: 12.11.2020

Projects involving computer vision

The training focuses on what is needed to carry out and implement machine/computer vision projects, what different approaches exist, what is tagging, what is CNN, YOLO and more.
Instructor: Taavi Tammiste

Recorded on: 17.09.2020

Speech recognition and synthesis

The workshop focuses on speech recognition and synthesis from both the technological and practical points of view. During the course of the training, important technical aspects and concepts are discussed so that participants would be able to put different solutions into context and discuss the possibilities and shortcomings of using speech technology.

Instructor: Markus Lippus

Recorded on: 10.09.2020

Executing data science projects

The aim of the workshops is to give project managers in the public sector an overview of data science projects and tips on how to carry them out better. In particular, the training focuses on the PoC phase of data science projects, where the level of uncertainty is still very high. The training consists of three sessions.

Instructors: Andres Koitmäe, Eva Sula, Märt Ridala

Recorded on: 28.11.2019

AI project management: data checks and preparation

The AI project management worshops focus on how to understand what can be done with the data available and how to validate machine learning opportunities as quickly and efficiently as possible. The second session focuses on the preparation of data and how to conduct initial data verification and assess whether the amount of data available is sufficient for the project.

Instructor: Taavi Tammiste

Recorded on: 13.-14.06.2019

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