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Joining Bürokratt

We are delighted that you are interested in Bürokratt! But how do you get from interest to installation and a functional chatbot?

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started with Bürokratt.

Step one: Acknowledging the need for Bürokratt interfacing

Does your institution often get enquiries that do not require extensive analysis by a customer support specialist, such as questions about opening hours, document expiration procedures or the availability of the book “Truth and Justice” in the library?

Bürokratt can be trained to answer simpler questions so that you can leave the handling of such questions and requests to Bürokratt, thereby also reducing the workload of your institution’s customer service staff, particularly when it comes to monotonous enquiries.

Step two: Appointing a leader for joining Bürokratt

As the joining process requires the execution and co-ordination of a number of activities, it is advisable to designate a specific person in the institution to oversee the whole process. This person should be responsible for the following: collecting training questions for Bürokratt, communicating with the IT partner (for the installation of Bürokratt in the institution’s infrastructure and integrating the chat window on the institution’s website), organising the conclusion of connection contracts and arranging training for the institution’s staff in co-operation with Bürokratt’s trainers.

BYK demo

Step three: Exploring the possibilities of Bürokratt

We have compiled all the information about Bürokratt on the website and our team is happy to provide demonstrations of Bürokratt to institutions. If you are interested, reach out to us at

Step four: Analysis and aggregation of queries

Even prior to the adoption of Bürokratt, it is beneficial to analyse the queries received by the institution so far. How many of these queries are recurring questions? Is it possible to categorise the questions? What questions can be answered in a similar way?

To streamline the preparation process, we recommend using the Bürokratt training sample file, which allows you to collect and categorise all the questions and answers. The same file can later be used to train Bürokratt! For instance, our chatbot trainers can use the examples collected by you to train the first version of Bürokratt. Later on, you can add new questions and answers directly in the backend system of Bürokratt as you progress.
It is also suitable for us if the questions and answers necessary for the initial training are collected in a different from or format.

Keep in mind that Bürokratt is more confident in identifying a question if you have gathered at least 30 sample questions related to that topic. Differences may also occur in word positioning or substitution, and linguistically incorrect samples or slang may also be used.
Please also consider the best practice of preparing responses for Bürokratt.

Even though Bürokratt is a chatbot, it is difficult to teach it to answer ALL questions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a person or persons in the institution to take over the interview when Bürokratt can no longer offer an answer. Answering a chat in Bürokratt's backend system is easy and does not require any special skills from customer support staff. If you need additional time to respond, you can request the person’s contact details (asking for contact details is available as a backend functionality) and reply to them later through the preferred channel.

Step five: concluding contracts

This step is explained in greater detail on the installation subpage. However, at minimum, you will need to conclude a contract for TARA integration, as only authenticated users can access the backend system of Bürokratt, as well as a contract with the Information System Authority to join the Bürokratt network. If you wish to host Bürokratt on the Estonian Government Cloud, you also need to conclude a contract with the Estonian Government Cloud.

Step Six: Employee Training

Once the Bürokratt is installed, it is time to introduce it to the employees. Bürokrat trainers will help you with this, they will demonstrate the functionality of Bürokrat's back room and teach you how to teach Bürokrat to answer questions.

Bürokratt team support

We offer Bürokratt as a software solution, but we can also assist with installation and training, if necessary. As Bürokratt is a new solution, we first train the institution’s staff on topics related to the adoption of a virtual assistant. Just like people, Bürokratt as a chatbot also needs training: the Bürokratt team provides assistance in the training of initial topics, i.e. questions and answers (and ongoing support as needed).

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