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Support for data management

Institutions can greatly benefit from data, but finding the optimal work methods and tools, especially when first starting to manage data, can be challenging. To assist institutions in addressing these challenges, the state provides practical support in the areas of data governance, data reuse and data analysis.

Data description and data quality

The Data Governance Centre of Excellence at Statistics Estonia provides hands-on support to institutions in the preparation of business glossaries and data descriptions as well as in the development of data quality rules. More information about the services offered can be found here and the Centre of Excellence can be contacted by email at

Data mapping

The purpose of data mapping is to assist organisations in systematically mapping their existing data (

Data labelling

We advise and give recommendations on how to label data and conduct activities (

Open data publication

Open data refers to data that is freely available and can be shared and used by different parties without access restrictions. In Estonia, open data is published in the Estonian Open Data Portal.

The data team of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Information System Authority consults institutions on open data matters: clarifying which data can be published as open data and explaining why and how to publish open data in the Estonian Open Data Portal. In co-operation with Statistics Estonia, the team also offers assistance in describing open data.

To schedule a consultation, please send us an email at

​The Digital State Academy is also a great place to gain more knowledge in this area. We have created two courses: the first course covers the concept of open data and provides guidance on which data and how it can be published in the Estonian Open Data Portal, while the second course focuses on the best practice for open data publication and the quality of open data.

All guidance materials concerning open data can be found in the Estonian Open Data Portal. A video tutorial on open data publication is available here.

Data panel

The data panel is designed for institutions that are developing or implementing a project that will have a major impact on the fundamental rights and freedoms of people. For instance, if a planned or ongoing project involves substantial processing of personal data or the processing or systematic monitoring of special types of data and seeks to implement a new technology, approach or automated decision-making. Additionally, in cases where suitable solutions cannot be found, such as when using test data or privacy technologies, or when there are uncertainties regarding potential risk areas.

In such cases, an advisory board of experts will help the institution in assessing the risks and achieving its objectives through discussion and by providing recommendations. However, if the institution is unable to independently implement the recommendations in the subsequent project phase, they have the option to seek assistance from the data sandbox, where bottlenecks can be worked through together to achieve the desired results.

If your institution is interested in presenting a project to the data panel to receive valuable feedback and recommendations, please contact us at

Project consultation

We provide advice, feedback and recommendations on how to effectively carry out projects in the field of data (

Technological requirements consultation

We provide advice and recommendations on technological requirements within the field (

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