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This section contains current and past projects.


Status: completed

The project offered all adult Estonian speakers a chance to donate their speech to contribute to the preservation of the Estonian language and to the faster adoption of speech technology in our daily lives. People who speak Estonian as their mother tongue, as a foreign language or speak different dialects of Estonian were invited to donate their speech. Donors had the option to speak on a specific topic or on a topic of their own preference. They were encouraged to provide speech that is natural and reflects everyday language usage, including slang expressions. The project was funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.


Status: completed

The Data Science Hackathon, or ‘Andmeteaduse taibutalgud’ in Estonian, is aimed at finding solutions to real-life problems using open data. The hackathon provides participants with a unique opportunity to be part of one of Europe’s most innovative project teams, contributing to the development of the AI Gov-stack and creating value for society as a whole.

Check out the challenges, select the most exciting ones and join us in building the coolest digital state! Read more about the hackathon and join us on the Kaggle platform.

Read about the results of the project here.

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