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Institutions working in the field of NLP in Estonia

In Estonia, there are several organisations involved in the research and development of NLP solutions.

NLP is addressed in universities and other research institutions, public sector organisations and private enterprises. 


Chair of Natural Language Processing specializes in all the different aspects of written text processing and language analysis. These include, for example, machine translation, speech synthesis, as well as the analysis and study of Estonian words and sentences, and many other tasks.


One of the key activities of the Laboratory of Language Technology is the creation of speech technology applications targeted at society as a whole. This encompasses the development of speech recognition applications for end-users as well as the creation of essential, easily integrable components. While the primary focus of their speech recognition development is on the Estonian language, the majority of the software developed in the laboratory is language-independent. The laboratory is an advocate of open-source software.


The purpose of the Competence Centre for Natural Language Processing is to ensure the digital sustainability of the Estonian language. The centre develops language technology resources and makes those available to as many people as possible. The tasks of the competence centre include monitoring NLP advancements both in Estonia and abroad, coordinating the national language technology programme (‘Estonian Language Technology 2018–2027’), developing the field of NLP and coordinating development efforts, ensuring the functionality of strategic language resources, and more. 


The Machine Learning and Language Technology Department is involved in the development and management of different AI components in the field of NLP. The department works closely together with all the other competence centres. Reusable AI components that can be used in the development of state services are created in the department. 

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