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Data governance activities

Data governance activities are described in the data governance action plan. The previous action plan covered the years 2021–2022. We will soon publish the new data governance action plan for 2023–2024.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications spearheaded the development of the data governance action plan for the period 2021–2022.

​The primary objective of the action plan is to establish a support structure that facilitates the harmonised and continuous development of data governance. The key focus areas of the action plan are as follows:

- enhancing the practical skills of data stewards through training and collaboration,

- streamlining legislation,

- publishing industry guidelines,

- developing practical tools for data description (RIHAKE),

- specifying principles and practical methods for data quality management,

- undertaking a number of activities that support the reuse of data.

The funding for data governance activities is supported in part by the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

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